Goodies – retro goods and toys

Welcome to Little Tokyo’s goodies page !

Reconnect with your childhood ! Complete your collections !

Little Tokyo isn’t all about video games ! A large choice of figurines are displayed in the shop: heroes from your childhood, a plushies-covered ceiling, and not forgetting magazines about retro-gaming; it is difficult to make a complete list of this ever changing Ali Baba’s cave ! You will always be able to find the relic that will make you melt !

Most of the products in the shop are directly imported from Japan. For the others, I frequently go on yard sales and flea markets looking for rarities to add to my collection ! I am a big fan of the Masters of the Universe, of the first DragonBall toys, and of any old Nintendo toy. My favourite toys are the most retro ones, often disregarded as ugly, but to me they have the particular charm of the origins of video games, television shows and cartoons.