The history of retrogaming – Sony

La marque Sony

History of retrogaming : Sony

Sony, the transformation of gaming

Powerful consoles, iconic joystick, unforgettable exclusive titles, within 20 years, with its PlayStation, Sony became one of the main actors in video game world. Whether with the playful 3d of Crash Bandicoot, The adventures of Nathan Drake or the darkness of Metal Gear Solid scenarios, “Sony” is a brand worshiped by many players.

A digital company

If Sony has been founded in 1946, it is only in 1993 that the division Sony Interactive Entertainment is created. After manufacturing transistors, Walkmans, Compact Disks and other high-tech devices, Sony decided to diversify even more with the video game.

The birth of Playstation

It is truly surprising to know that the Playstation could possibly have never been born without Nintendo.
It was in fact following a dispute between Sony and Nintendo (which were associated for the creation of games at that time), dispute triggered by Ken Kutaragi, the future father of the PlayStation, who proposed to Nintendo a CD support add-on for the NES. But it was problematic for some particular rights issues.

Following this dispute, Sony goes solo in the design of its PlayStation, which will be released in 1994 in Japan and will be a phenomenal success.

An unchallenged leader?

Shortly after the Playstation 2’s release, Sony imposes itself as the leader in the video game market, with consoles that sell up to stock rupture worldwide.

But Sony’s success leads to an excess of confidence and its communication starts to be more and more disastrous: one will remember the release of the PSP, or the PS3.